Vidrosom debates acoustic solutions in Curitiba

VidroSom (Seminar on Acoustic Glass Solutions), held during the 9th SAIE Vetro (Itinerant Saloon of Frames  and Glass) at Expo Unimed in Curitiba (PR), in its 10th edition, presented innovative solutions and case studies on comfort and the added value of glass in acoustic projects. In addition, it has consolidated itself as an important tool for information and technical training for architects, consultants and professionals in frames and acoustics in the country.

Once again, the event, which is sponsored exclusively by CEBRACE, had a social character: the money collected from the registrations was donated to Pequeno Cotolengo Paranaense, a Curitiba entity that serves 200 people with multiple disabilities and abandoned by the family. In addition, the already traditional design contest “Sonorous pollution and my life” was attended by the students of the State School MMDC and the Nova 4E (Specialized Entity in Special People), of São Paulo, and with the help of the public , two winners were chosen who made the most neat designs and receive notebooks offered by the companies Luxalum Esquadrias de Alumínio, Fise Indústria de sistemas para esquadrias and Speedy Dry. The contest aims to raise awareness among children about the problem of noise pollution and what can be done to avoid it.

The entrepreneur Edison Claro de Moraes, director of Atenua Som and the University of Sound, the founder of the event, did not hide his satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting. He praised the level of the lectures and the good presence of the public (more than 130 people). The engineer Fernando Westphal, a professor in the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), made an interesting comparison about the different categories of glass, differences, properties and turned everything into prices and watts. The businessman Roberto Papaiz, founder and president of ITEC (Institute of Construction Technology), showed the influence of blinds on the acoustic comfort of real estate. He showed that glass alone does not solve the problem of heat,” he stressed. The businessman José Guilherme Aceto, general director of Avec Design, made a comparison between the windows Habitat, CEBRACE, and the conventional windows. In addition to being installed in a number of ways, it has full transparency, glasses slide on UHMW plastic guides, invisible locks and handles and the absence of pulleys and maintenance, for example,” he said.

CEBRACE’s Market Development Manager, Remy Dufrayer, gave a presentation on the theme “The role of Glass and frame in acoustic comfort”. With an interesting dynamic and perfect mastery of the subject, he gave a lecture on the main concepts of acoustics: sound wave, frequency, intensity, mixture of sounds, noises and their spectra, sound perception, how to treat noise, and how glass isolates noise, among other topics. Michele Gleice da Silva, Technical Director of ITEC, presented the lecture “ABNT’s Brazilian Technical Standards and Frames”, in which she highlighted – for example – the test of simulation of wind gusts in the frames causing positive and negative pressures (suction ).

In the last talk, businessman Edison Claro de Morais highlighted a “case” that he closely followed during his visit to the Internoise 2017 in Hong Kong last month. A set of buildings, our ‘My house, my life’ style, faced a serious problem of noise and noise pollution because it is in front of a bus station and train station. The problem was solved as follows: the window is open, the air enters through a corridor full of absorption, sheet metal and glass wool, absorbing the noise, “he explained.

He concluded: This model can also be adopted for the buildings built next to the Minhocão viaduct, in São Paulo. The next GlassSound will be held next year in São Paulo, during FESQUA 2018.

Source:  Guia do Vidro
Date: 09/21/2017