When São Paulo becomes the world Capital of Window & Door.the world Capital of Window & Door.
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About the fair

The FESQUA | International Trade Show of Window & Door, Hardware and Components arrives at its 12th edition consolidated as the biggest and most important event for the market of window & door in Latin America. The fair has become a true and powerful center for generating business and lucrative opportunities for exhibiting companies and for visitors, potential buyers of this market.

Held every two years, FESQUA brings together in one place, innovations in frames and windows, doors, windows, facades, ceilings, gates, grids, accessories and components, machinery and equipment for the window and glass industry.

Together with FESQUA, two simultaneous fairs will also take place: the 11th FEITINTAS – Paint Industry, Varnishes and Related Products Fair, hosted by SITIVESP – Syndicate of Paint and Varnish Industry of the State of Sao Paulo and the 16th EBRATS | Brazilian Meeting and Exposition of Surface Finishing, is a triennial event, recognized as the great showcase and the largest forum in Latin America regarding the dissemination of processes that occur in the entire universe covered by the Surface Finishing segment.

If your company provides products or services for the market of Frames and Glasses – come and make great deals at FESQUA!

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Notice to the general public
- Free event for industry professionals; - Forbidden to enter the event wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts or slippers; - Forbidden the entrance of individuals aged under 16, even if accompanied by parent; - The fair credential is personal and not transferable and its use is mandatory; - The. Fair organizer reserves the right to withdraw the visitor that cause any disorder or disrupt the smooth running of the event. Your credential will be confiscated and new unauthorized access; - Participants of the fair are aware and agree that the event organizer has exclusive rights to use of image (photos and footage) of people, stands and products to promote the event at any time; - Photos and/or shooting stands and/or products can only be made with the express permission of the exhibitor.

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